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Fast & Environmentally Friendly Removal Of Zebra & Quagga Mussels,
Asian Clams, Eurasian Milfoil, Barnacles & Spiny Water Fleas


Invasive species of various kinds are changing the way we perceive our waterways. They threaten the way we have always relied on them for recreational and commercial purposes as well as threaten our water supply. Our Scientists are well able to document their invasive history, their number, and predict the impact these species will have on a vital resource of man. Their predictions have given us great concern UNTIL NOW. Our product, which you will read about, is totally environmentally friendly and the least expensive, long term solution to this growing problem. Our product, which you will read about, is totally environmentally friendly and the least expensive, long term solution to this growing problem.

Besides impacting water quality, foreign and domestic species, including Zebra mussels, Quagga mussels, Eurasian Milfoil, Spiny Water Fleas and various types of barnacles adhere to marine structures causing varying challenges from the blockage of water intakes of power plants to the damage and inefficiency of ship hulls. Ships and boats of all sizes if left idle for prolonged periods will attract marine growth, such as barnacles and mussels of all types. We can solve this age old problem in a safe, efficient, low cost and environmentally responsible manner as described below and on our sister website,


Scientists have realized since the 1900's that all aquatic organisms have a unique identifying frequency. With a way to identify that frequency we possess knowledge that puts us one step closer to eliminating invasive species. To help understand our approach, one can think in terms of commercial radio frequencies. Once we know the original frequency of the signal we can mimic or create other signals of a similar frequency to alter, or in this case, absorb the original one. As aquatic creatures are sending out frequencies, which we catalogue, we are able to absorb them by reversing the charge and sending the counter signal out of phase. Left without any frequency the organism dies in a short time as was proved recently with cryptosporidia (the most resistant strain of bacteria known to science at this time.) IN JUST 24 HOURS THIS DEVICE KILLED 99%. This test was performed and verified by an independent EPA-certified laboratory. This report is available upon request.

Given the current climate, protecting the environment has to be a primary consideration. The problem needs a natural non-chemical solution and one that is cost effective for a long time. WE HAVE IT. Our solution is to generate a low powered electrical signal. This low power signal will offset the targeted frequency signal. Therefore, the generated signal can be no more harmful to humans than the original one. In fact this counter signal is beneficial as it negates and cleans up the signal emanating from the targeted species. Marine life is unaffected as seen in our Cambridge video at the boat shed. Understanding the nature of this threat is fundamental to its solution. Research has shown us that THERE IS A CLEAN, GREEN SOLUTION AND WE HAVE IT NOW!

Our next challenge was to spread the counter signal beyond just a few feet. That method was properly PATENTED INTERNATIONALLY AND TRADEMARKED.

Our product in its various configurations is specifically targeted to get rid of either BARNACLES, or ZEBRA MUSSELS, or QUAGGA MUSSELS, or EURASIAN MILFOIL, or ASIAN CLAMS or SPINY WATER FLEAS. It can clear lake beds, water intakes as well as downstream piping. It restores internal flow and recreational use of the waters. It can treat large areas such as entire marinas depending on size. It can be fitted to ships and protect hulls.

It is important to understand how these creatures reproduce. Like fish larvae one creature produces as high as 40,000 eggs. Less than that number survive. By the time the naked eye can see them, they are already on the way to adulthood. This product can KILL ALL STAGES of growth so that they never reach adulthood. The device is designed to economically run continuously for up to fifteen years.


Our device:

  • Uses NO chemicals at any step of process
  • One unit treats approximately one million square foot area. ( A circle around the unit at 700 feet.)
  • Generation 1 melts invasive species glue to solve problems
  • Generation 2 kills invasive species
  • Operates on 110 volt AC (different voltages available upon request)
  • Uses low power equivalent to a 40-watt light bulb
  • Lasts for more than 15 years (economical)
  • Runs continuously 24/7
  • Manufactured in USA by Complete Water Systems
  • Not affected by natural freezing temperatures
  • Maintenance agreement available
  • Installation by professionals in a few hours
  • Leasing available with favorable terms
  • Safe for swimmers and divers
  • Loosens existing infestations
  • Breaks down glycoproteinous glue over 30 day period
  • Custom made with precision to order in 4 to 5 weeks
  • Tested in NY, FL, SC, VA, MD, TX (See the videos)
  • Is effective in treating all stages of growth from veliger (microscopic) to adult
  • Treats water to depth of 700 feet
  • Use in salt water and fresh water
Zebra Mussel & Quagga Mussel Infestation is a growing problem throughout the United States. Click Here for a list of lakes in the US that have been documented to contain Zebra or Quagga Mussels


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